Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12 questions with LIGHTS

I love it when musicians can have a sense of humor....
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Oh hey, I'm LIGHTS--a fairly small-sized, Canadian girl who makes intergalactic-electro music. What do I mean by intergalactic? I'm glad you asked. I try to find sounds that seem like they could have been plucked from Saturn's rings or a meteor belt. Equal parts fantastical/epic/beautiful/emotional. As a kid I moved around a lot. To find some form of consistency, I had to find a place that always stayed the same. Concocting music became that world to me and I escaped there any chance I got. It started with just me and the guitar. Then, I moved on to drums, piano, and then the keyboard. When I started realizing the limitless possibilities that synthetic instruments presented, I invested in a little 8-track mixer. I was thirteen. I began the process of transferring what was in my head into something solid. After drifting around and dabbling in different musical genres throughout my teen years, I finally landed on the so-called "electro-pop" planet I live on now. I unleashed a little taster of my work in the early months of 2008 as an EP but the songs kept coming...I couldn't stop them. And the more I made, the easier it became to convey how I felt through simple lyrics juxtaposed with sounds harvested from the far reaches of my alternate universe. Finally I sat back and listened to everything I had feverishly created over the past years, and I was happy. I realized I had discovered more about myself when I was just listening and creating music than from anything else. And for every minute of song that passed through my head, I was reminded of that realization, and it felt special. I called this first full collection of music, "The Listening." I hope that it makes you feel special too..

1. What are you doing this exact moment?
I’m sitting on a sunny balcony in Pomona, CA, with a laser gun and good friends, waiting to play.

2. What should we expect to see from you in the near future?
A lot of touring, a record release in the UK, touring over there, more touring, maybe some acoustic stuff, a new music video, and hopefully a continuation of Audio Quest: A Capt. LIGHTS Adventure in a more material form.

3. Where did you record? With whom? How was the process?
The record was recorded with the help of either my friends Dave Thomson and Tawgs Salter. Both of them are really good friends, amazing songwriters and producers, and we co-produced and co-wrote these songs each in their home studios. Nothing was overly professional or planned; everything was really organic. We just got together, started to create music, I poured my lyrics into it, and we had a really good time in the process.

4. Who are you listening to these days and who are you afraid to admit to be listening to?
These days I’m listening a lot to Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, M-83, Mew and Friendly Fires. I’m not afraid of admitting to listening to anything. If I like something, I’m proud to be liking it. When I pop in the N’Sync record, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

5. What's been your favorite show?
There have been so many of my favorite shows for different reasons. I always love playing down in Texas, because people there are so passionate about music, and it’s really hot. It’s always a good time in Texas. Often though, Toronto holds the best show for me. It’s kind of a homecoming show for me every time I play there, everybody knows the words, and it’s a big family reunion.

6. What's your favorite dinosaur?
I would have to say a triceratops. I used to have a piggy bank triceratops, and I looked at it every day because it was bright orange, and it looked really great. That being said, I got bored of the triceratops, and I think the pterodactyl replaced it as my favorite dinosaur after I watched Jurassic Park 3. It was really scary, in that big cage.

7. What would be your dream concert line-up to be a part of? It would a very eclectic concert. That’d be Deadmau5, Mutemath plus Cyndi Lauper headlining. It’d be fun.

8. Is there a band that you get compared to that you just can't imagine why?
Hmm... no. I can’t picture any that I don’t get why I’m compared. Everyone has a reason for comparing, whether it’s music or lyrics, and everything is substantiated by someone’s perception. No, there isn’t.

9. Are you more of a unicorn or a platypus?
They’re very different animals. Unicorns are graceful, beautiful and magical, so I would say I’m more of a platypus.

10. How is life on the road?
It’s hectic, and sometimes a little uncomfortable. It’s hard work, and it’s dirty, but it’s my life, and I love it.

11. Will you play my birthday party?
Yes, when you turn 82, and you’re still listening to my music, I will play your birthday party.

12. What would you like people to take away most from yourself and your music?
I want my music to be an enjoyable experience. I don’t want any note to tweak your ear the wrong way, or go down awkwardly and be uncomfortable. I just want it to an easy listen that you can sing along with and that you can get to know even after just your first listen.

LIGHTS Tour Dates (w/Owl City):

3/30 – Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
3/31 – Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
4/01 – Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA
4/02 – Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC
4/03 – Roseland Theatre – Portland, OR
4/05 – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
4/06 – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
4/07 – Fox Theatre – Pomona, CA
4/08 – Soma – San Diego, CA
4/09 – Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA
4/10 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ
4/12 – Salt Air Theatre – Magna, UT
4/13 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO
4/15 – Stubb’s – Austin, TX
4/16 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Houston, TX
4/20 – The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
4/22 – Constitution Hall – Washington, DC
4/23 – House of Blues – Boston, MA
4/24 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
4/25 – Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
4/27 – Sound Academy – Toronto, ON
4/28 – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
4/29 – Royal Oak Music Theatre – Royal Oak, MI
4/30 – Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL
5/01 – State Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
5/02 – Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI