Thursday, July 14, 2011

A quick word regarding HOME by The Blue Rose Band

Sometimes I come across a band that throws a wrench in my master plan to be a constant Ahole. That band is The Blue Rose Band. I have seen show after show and have continued to enjoy solid performances. So when I got a hold of their album HOME I was hoping to find a flaw and engage in my usual juvenile such luck. Dammit!

The album journies through bar room boogies, power ballads and southern rock infused pop. It has a well produced tone and exudes a brilliance in it's simplicity. The Blue Rose Band has a formula on this album and it works...

1 part soul diva vocals mixed liberally with scorching (but not overpowering) guitar. Combine the solid rhythm of the drums with the gritty tone of the impeccable bass lines and it's near impossible to keep yourself from repeatedly listening to this album and finding new treats in each listen.

Go listen for yourself, as for me...I'm off to find a band I can talk shit about.

B+ Simple in it's appearance but deep in it's soul!

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